Allegory of the Cave – script to final product

This week Mitch Collins, Wolfgang Bylsma, the fine people at Gestalt comics, and I have a Kickstarter for Allegory of the Cave, an adaptation of the famous section of Plato’s Republic. In honour of that, I thought I would share a little bit of the process that goes in to making a comic. In this case, adapting a dialogue that is a little over two thousand years old.

The first step (usually) in making any comic is the script.


Why Sword and Sorcery?

“Why sword and sorcery?”

That was the first question my editor, Wolfgang Bylsma, asked after I told him I wanted to do a series of four-page stories about a wily character named Talgard. Actually, if I’m honest, “where can we get a beer while we talk about this?” was his first question. But to be fair he had recently found out that his flight had been delayed four hours, and I was taking advantage of him being trapped in Brisbane.



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